Guitar Center Drum-Off Winners

The Guitar Center Drum-Off switched to being an Octapad competition as of 2011. It unfortunately has resulted in mostly younger, less talented drummers winning who happen to have free time to invest in learning the non-user-friendly Roland Octapad. Pure skill and talent in the drumset alone is no longer winning these competitions.

2015 Winner – Tony Taylor Jr.

2014 Winner – Shariq Tucker

2013 Winner – Dawud Aasiya-Bey (D-Mile)

2012 Winner – Juan Carlos Mendoza

2011 Winner – JP Bouvet

2010 Winner – Isaias Gil

2009 Winner – Ramon Sampson

2008 Winner – Jerome Flood II

2007 Winner – Donnie Marple

2006 Winner – Daniel Rodriguez

2005 Winner – Jamil Byrom

2004 Winner – Royce Shorter Jr.

2003 Winner – Eric Moore II (now in band: Suicidal Tendencies)

(previous winners)
2002 Winner – Cora Coleman-Dunham (now in band: Prince)
2001 Winner – Chris Coleman (now in band: Chaka Kahn)
1995 Winner – Tony Royster, Jr. (at age 11, now in band: Jay-Z) (view solo)
1992 Winner – Thomas Pridgen (at age 9, now in band: The Mars Volta)

This is the history (an incomplete list) of Guitar Center Drum Off (drumoff) winners/champions we have available, though it began in 1988. It has become the largest and most well respected drum competition in the world. Winners commonly get offers from mainstream musical groups and opportunities for prominent recording sessions.

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12 thoughts on “Guitar Center Drum-Off Winners”

  1. you jerkasauruses guys play like your grandmother’s slow music box. i know you freaking can’t even do a single cowbell click of those beats without having a coordination failure.

  2. I don’t think the Tony Royster video exists. Saw a brief clip of him playing one at a Guitar Center at that timeframe, but wasn’t the grand final. I don’t see it anywhere on the web. Wish I could see it. Curious what he did.

  3. Yeah, Royster kills. He destroys sets. they beg him to stop but he doesn’t. his triple flamadiddles leaves a wake of mass carnage.

  4. Did Chris Coleman marry Cora Dunham? Both drum off winners. I will quit drumming and chop my drumset into firewood if they start making super drummer babies.

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